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Lost Ancient



The accepted origins of the Continent of Atlantis came from Plato in 360 BC, Plato’s dialogue is disputed but there was an earlier mention of Atlantis by Hellanicus of Lesbos at around 450 BC from a poem he recorded on a papyrus found in Egypt, as it was an Egyptian priest that Plato credited the story to this adds some confirmation of its real existence at least from the point of the Egyptian priests.

Atlantis Found? You decide!

The oldest known mention of “Atlantic” is in The Histories of Herodotus around 450 BC. In Greek, Atlantis means “Island of Atlas”, or in some context, “Sea of Atlas”.

So, what the Greeks gave us is, the Atlantic is the Sea of Atlas (also can be referred to as the Island of Atlas) where Atlantis can be found. According to the Greeks this was a mythical sea beyond the Pillars of Gibraltar, this mythical sea or place was never written down until Plato wrote his dialgoue’s of Timaeus and Critias in 360BC.

It was not until the Roman Empire that this Mythical sea’s existence was confirmed, even then the Roman Empire only ventured through the Pillars of Gibraltar into the Sea of Atlas (Atlantic) as a trade route to Britannia. Our history books tell us Columbus was the 1st to sail the Ocean Blue, the Atlantic, which we will learn is not correct!

As mentioned above Plato wrote the dialogue of Timaeus and Critias in 360BC, in this dialogue Plato wrote about a meeting with Socrates, Timaeus and Critias and others. Critias tells a tale of a once great empire who ruled over the island of Atlantis, other islands and parts of Europe.

I highly recommend reading Timaeus and Critias but I will summarise here. In the dialogue Plato says Timaeus and Critias told Socrates about the story of Solon (born 630BC) who travelled to Egypt and spoke to Egyptian priests who then shared with Solon his peoples own lost history of 9000 years ago. This was the origin of the tale of the Great and Powerful Empire of people on the island of Atlantis.

Let’s pause here and work through the passage of time, we have Solon, born 630BC travel to Egypt lets guess around 600BC (30 years old) and he is told tale of Atlantis which was 9,000 years in their history, this gives an age of this powerful Empires destruction in fire and water and the sinking, as told by the Egyptioan priests to Solon, of the Island of Atlantis at around 9,600BC. Working back from our year now of 2000AD puts the destruction of Atlantis at 11,600 years ago!

What! Hold the phone! I hear you say, 11,600 years ago, that’s the time of the end of the Younger Dryas. At 11,600 years ago the world warms rapidly after the meteorite strike of 12,800 years ago that plunged the earth into an ice age that lasts 1,200 years. A sudden as yet unexplained warming and melting of the huge ice sheets caused by the Younger Dryas period, the release of melted miles thick ice sheets that raises Sea levels over many metres! Raising the waters around the coasts of many countries and great coastal city’s around the world were lost to these rising with water!

Yet again we seem to have a global cataclysm to raise earths temperature so rapidly to literally melt miles deep ice sheets to cause such global flooding, Could it have been a super massive volcanic eruption, possibly, a massive Solar Flare erupting from the Sun striking the earth causing great global fires, either of these are very real possibilities and both could easily set off massive earth quakes and magma movement affecting the tectonic plate movement.

Tectonic Ridge lines around the would slide, rise and FALL, any continent near a tectonic line could easily been seen to sink into it’s surrounding waters.

As told to Solon by these Egyptian priests Atlantis was struck by the Greek Gods for attacking a Greek nation so in return was struck by ‘fire’ and ‘water’’ and the continent of Atlantis sinks (appears to sink).

Summary: This once great empire with enough advanced technology to rule parts of the world and has plans to rule the rest, a Global power hungry advanced Civilisation it’s base, it’s home, the Island of Atlantis sinks at a time of Fire and Great floods, in 1 day and 1 night according to the tale told to Solon about their defeat by the Greeks and punishment from their Gods, when in actual fact a purely natural but cataclysmic disaster sunk this continent below the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, or the Sea of Atlas was was known then.

The Atlanteans who survive in neighbouring islands are reminded every day about their lost civilisation, their lost land and people their lost knowledge and technology, this punishment from the Greek Gods forever in their view as the tip of a mountains is all that sits just above the waves.

A few researchers of this history believe the Atlantean people decide to start new, somewhere far away from their pain, and as they head towards better lands to rebuild their civilisation they look back at the rock that sits above the waves this ‘Pyramid’ shaped rock, a monument to their lost civilisation forever on their minds, never to be forgotten!

After watching Matthew Sibson layout his 2 part analysis of Why Atlantis could be the sunken continent that goes from the West coast of Ireland to the north coast of Scotland I wanted to look around the United Kingdom and other coastal regions for ancient archaeology that may have survived, but many who have presented this sunken land as Atlantis, and surprisingly there have been a few, they surely would have discovered this already. I choose to look at the oldest man-made structure in the world and to my surprise it is close to the sunken Atlantis, it is located in Brittany, France. There are also many ancient sites located in the UK and France and are still being found.

So I began looking at Cairn de Barnenez, the oldest man-mad structure in the world at around 4,800BC or 6,820 years old!

When looking at the plan view of the structure something seemed familiar! Something never discovered before! What follows is my own analysis below.

Have I found something never discovered before, obviously not the structure itself but why the odd shape of the structure is the way it is!

Is this a monument built 5,800 years after the loss of Atlantis, was there still have groups or tribes of people remembering their great lost Empire in stories past down generation after generation. Had the time come to resurrect their great building skills and their lost knowledge?

There have been a number of books and thesis on why Rockall and Helen’s Reef could be the Sunken Continent of Atlantis, in the 2 part series below Matt from the Ancient Architects channel lays out in detail his amazing analysis and findings.

If the continent of Atlantis as shown in the outline below is here, then the Faroe islands remain above the water line as does Rockall!

Did the Empire of Atlantis survive after the Continent of Atlantis sunk beneath the waves, they were said to rule parts of Europe and the ancient lands of Libya!  Were the Atlanteans the creators of an ancient pre-Minoan civilisation (Modern day Crete) at or around the time of the cataclysm 11.600 years ago that sunk Atlantis and 1,000 year later the creators of the 1st Egyptian city, the pre-dynastic rulers?

Is Faroe and Pharoah similar by chance only?

Were the Great Pyramids built by the Atlantis Empire as a sign and monument to their rule and power, if such an Empire was already in Libya why not next door in Egypt! Many other ancient wonders of Megalithic ruins around the globe, including the unfinished wonder Baalbek where the work seems to have stopped suddenly! The technology of these builders lost with the cataclysmic demise of their civilisation.

Are the origins of the Greek Mythological Gods in fact the builders of their civilisation, the Atlanteans!

Many if not all Religions have common themes of their origins, the Swastika is an ancient symbol that appears in various religions, this symbol stolen by evil Nazis regime, but it must be freed from this connection and its true origins and meaning researched without stigma.

Is all this already known now, the truth would raise questions far more relevant today than a Lost Continent of Atlantis, it could possibly turn the world upside down on our lost human civilisation and who were are and everything we believe in and are taught!

There are more hidden wonders to be found under the Giza plateau, Graham Hancocks years of battling with the Egyptian antiquity authorities to go into the chambers under the Sphinx and other places raises questions on have they already been emptied of the lost Library of knowledge

This incredible story of the truth is not at an end! It is just the beginning, every great civilisation past and present in every corner of the globe has within it evidence of a lost technology in the form of ancient un-datable Megalithic archaeology, we can barely work with stone now with all our modern machines the way these builders did many thousands of years ago and thousands of years before the Romans even.

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