Baalbek is a temple complex which includes two of the largest and grandest Roman temple ruins: the Temple of Bacchus and the Temple of Jupiter. It was inscribed in 1984 as an UNESCO World Heritage site. It is accepted by some that the Romans discovered existing ruins of the gigantic Baalbek platform and built their temples on top, wouldn’t you?

The temples are themselves incredible but we really need to focus on is the Platform all other other ruins are sitting on! It’s made from huge Megalithic blocks of stone, this platform was possibly there thousands of years ago before the Romans built on top of the platform!

The builders of the incredible platform never completed their work as can be seen from the unfinished quarrying of this huge stone blocks, what could have happened at that time to stop the work? The true age of the platform, the huge blocks and the entire site has been dated on what was built on top by the Romans, but even the Romans never completed the platform as they did not posses the lost technology to move and lift such colossus weights of stone!

Baalbek is just one of the many archaeological mysteries of Megalithic stone work around the world, many of which look to be abandoned and incomplete and human historical academia can not explain!

Whilst stone can not be carbon dated to find its age of cutting new technologies are being developed, in the mean time estimations by some put the platform at around 10,000 BC. Yet again this puts this archaeological wonder in approximately the Younger Drays period, a period of mass Global destruction, both for structure and for humanity alive at that time!

The crane shown below can lift 1,000 tons. What technology did the builders have 1,000’s of years ago to move and then lift such stones!

Great video from Bright Insight click video logo to subscribe to him.

Nice drone footage and nice music

Brien Foerster – Megalithic Expert

Nice walk around, Russian


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