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Inspirational online personalities you need to be following

Instagram for me has been a place to find like-minded individuals. Finding friends when I had no one around me. Motherhood for me hasn’t been easy whilst fighting with my own mental health battles. Instagram has always been a place to escape to. I wanted to share with you my favourite Instagram blog/business owners that you HAVE to be following. From fun and laughter to serious mental health chats there is definitely an account that you will love amongst these amazing people to make you fall in love with Instagramall over again.


@rocknrollerbaby instagram

Ruth blogs about everything in and around Norfolk, if you’re looking for advice on where to visit or great family ideas she is your go-to girl. She has 3 gorgeous children, who she seems to always keep busy with wonderful days out and fun days at home.

I have been following Ruth since I joined Instagram and she has been such a huge motivation for me. She is genuinely such a wonderful woman with an amazing blog. If you’re not following her already I highly suggest you do so, and go and check out her blog.


@booberrit instagram

Booberrit otherwise known as Naomi is not only a wonderful blog writer, but she has been an amazing friend. She writes about family, lifestyle and mental health issues. I love that she is always honest with her posts and you can feel an instant connection to her.

From product reviews to days out with the family her blog has it covered. I am currently loving her what’s on my plate posts. I always struggle with family dinner ideas so this is my go-to for food inspiration.

Plus she has an English/Greek family so that obviously makes me love her that little bit more.


@daddy.daycare.62 instagram

If you are looking for an honest blog on fatherhood and mental health, I recommend Johns account. I read a lot of mental health blogs. yet, they are always usually from a female perspective. Men always find it that bit harder to be open to how they are feeling. especially when it involves being a stay at home dad. Reading through This Instagram account and blog is refreshing. Dads may be the protective daddy bears of the family, but they have bad days too. Alongside all his serious mental health posts he has many uplifting belly laughable photos and videos.


@cookiecrumblesuk instagram

Cookies account is full of hilariously honest motherhood truths. If your looking for a fun, down to earth and truly genuine account to follow then you have found it. Cookie is the cool mum I could only dream to be. She attends all the best family festivals and is, of course, the life of every party. Not only does she run an amazing blog and Instagram, but she also runs a dance school. What cant this woman do! Instagram stories are my addiction, cookie has some of the best out there. I have to watch what she is up to every day, to see what fun and chaos she is usually causing. plus her family are pretty fun and amazing too.


@whatlucedoes instagram

Lucy is the absolute Youtube queen. I tried to vlog for a while and honestly it takes a lot of commitment to keep it up. She is wonderful at it, with an amazing 7k subscribers.

Lucy vlogs about all things family and beauty. Her beauty unboxings and vlogmas are one of my favourite things to watch. If your not a youtube type of person then Lucy also has a fantastic Instagram page. With honest posts and daily stories on life with her 3 children.

She is definitely my type of person, honest and not afraid to say it how it is.


@dinky_in_norfolk instragram

Laura has such a beautiful Instagram. Full of beautiful photographs of her adventures with her family. I always love scrolling through her page. she is such a wonderful photographer I really enjoy her work. She also has a blog where she writes about her family and life in Norfolk. She is a wonderful lady inside and out. If you’re looking for a grid full of beautiful photographs, I can’t recommend her account enough.


@onemissingmum instagram

Laura has one of the most beautifully written blogs that I have come across. She seems to have a way with words. She covers everything from co-parenting, life in Norfolk and baby loss awareness. Whether its a review of a Norfolk attraction or a more touching post to spread awareness, she takes so much time and care into everything she writes.

She is such a kind lady and deserves so many more followers.


@gummeemummee instagram

Jodine is one of my favourites, purely for her honesty. She runs an amazing company Gummee. Her account shows all the behind the scenes of her and her family. The reality of owning your own business and all the trials and tribulations that go along with it. Watching her over the last year has been wonderful. Her honesty about coping with mental health is lovely. She is always honest if she is struggling and turns what can sometimes be a taboo subject into something normal. Plus watching her anger over the squirrels stealing from her bird feeders, on IG stories, is often the highlight of my day haha.


@feedfelixfast instagram

Sophie is an absolute wizard of leftovers. If you are after a foodie blog she is perfect.

I love the fact that she never lets anything go to waste. She can take a whole chicken and transform it into so many different meals across the week. I would usually be throwing away unused food that I have left at the back of the fridge. Yet Sophie always has something that she can throw together with it. Her recipes not only stop food waste but are always delicious and family-friendly. I also recommend her blog if you are an allergy parent.


@daisyjanecarberry instagram

Daisy is another wonderful account that I have followed from the start of my Instagram journey. Over the past few years, she has worked hard on her blog . covering parenting, lifestyle and focuses on life after an abusive relationship.

Watching Daisy pick up her life and change it has been wonderful. She is an amazing woman and I have loved seeing her transformation. Her son is very close in age to my youngest boy so I can relate to her a lot. She is currently pregnant with baby number 2. So if you are after a pregnancy and parenting account this is the one for you.

Let me know if you follow any of these people, trust me you wont regret it




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