Lost Ancient Archaeology In Plain Sight – My Rant

When an archaeologist fist investigates a new found ruin they draw upon all their training and experience to make sense of the site., maybe they consult with their colleagues and other experts and then together they make a decision as to when, why and who built the structure

The featured image for this post is that of Troy. Troy is, or use to be anyway, a mythical tale until the presumed location of mythical Troy was dug through, layer upon layer of older developments until it was found, the ancient city of Troy and its ancient wall location, revealed only recently.

Here lies the problem we want to shine a light on, what happens when all these historical academia experts come across something that is a bit odd, a bit out of place, something that is not found within their own reference material, after all they must come to a conclusion on their closing paper and they just can’t shrug their shoulders and say, “sorry aint got a clue what is going on ere mate!”. They must finalise their conclusion.

In our opinion, when I say our I refer to the alternative non academic researchers far removed from officialdom as possible, in our opinion there are two types of conclusion that seem to be reached in a lot of cases of the ‘odd’ stuff, and these are:

The Mistaken

The mistaken can sort of be forgiven for their incorrect conclusion, they are unsure of what they are looking at and they can only make conclusions on what they do understand on what the archaeology is telling them. Here is an example:

When the area of Göbekli Tepe was first look at in 1963 the archaeologist had a walk over the site, saw some parts of worked stone sticking out of the ground that looked like tomb stones and therefore concluded it was an very old burial ground and nothing more to see here! It was not until 1994 when Claus Schmidt, who had already found some similar worked stone nearby, then revisited Göbekli Tepe and decided the site must be investigated properly and returned with dig permissions in 1995, he then made the effort to actually dig and as they did so they uncovered the archaeological wonder of the world that is now known today, the oldest man made arranged stone structures and carvings, including 3D formed animal carvings and even possible the T-Shaped pillars have astrological alignments, Göbekli Tepe is now carbon dated to 12,000 years old, with much of the site still to be uncovered these dates are expected to go back further still.

Please make sure to read the Göbekli Tepe post as the astrological alignments are extremely interesting, the builders seem to have used the pillars, carvings and their obvious deep knowledge of astrology, even at 10,000 BC, to give the finders (us today) a very specific date from their own past, a date to be remembered for eternity!

Teaser, in the Younger Dryas post you will see exactly what did happen at around 10,800BC! You will then understand why Göbekli Tepe was built!

The first visit and failure to find anything in 1963 was a mistake, an error of judgement, hopefully not due to laziness. However the site was revisited 3 decades later, that’s 30 years of archaeological investigation time lost, the site will take another 10 years to be uncovered and conclusions made for it’s final age which is expected to go back further than 12,000 years ago, so lets wait for 2030 maybe when we will know it’s true age, what a loss that is to us today!

The Ignorant Denialist

These are the worst type of official academic sponsored archaeologist.

They look at a structure and they do not recognise the style of the bottom layer of precision cut megalithic stone blocks, maybe they pass over the 2nd layer also until they get to a third layer which is a jumble of poor quality cut and placed stone and conclude, ” ah yes that’s Roman of such and such period or Inca of that period, yes I recognise that so this complete site is what I think and decide it is based on the top layer of stone”, at some point later a non officialdom archaeologists points the academia’s attention back to the first layer and states that is not Roman or Inca or Greek only to be told they are a fringe outsider a hobbyist know nothing pretend geologist and it remains as decided!

Repeated requests for funding to revisit or to simply discuss the blatantly obvious in-corrections are dismissed out of hand, some stubborn truth seekers simply labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’, to be mocked!

You Are Being Denied The Truth!

Whether an incorrect conclusion was a genuine mistake or senior, old and near retirement, officials do not want to admit they were wrong and the books they wrote are worthless and the history our children are taught is so incorrect , the issue is you, your children and all of us are being denied the truth about OUR Lost Ancient History and that is not right!

I will avoid the subject of the ignorance of all global Faiths that can not, must not and will not allow in any way the question of historical events and ancient time be discussed and rediscovered in the event that their teachings are found to be actual real events but nothing to do with Godly interventions!

One such event being that of a Great Flood! It is fact that many Faiths around the world have a common story of a Great Flood! The truth that a naturally occurring Global Cataclysmic Event, if you can call a meteorite strike that almost made man extinct was a natural event, has been proven to be the cause of mass mammal extinctions in America (Humans are mammals also) and some around the globe due to an unimaginable amount of ice melt water that was catastrophically and suddenly released from 2 mile thick glacier that ravage the length of America in just a matter of hours and has to this day left geological scars across America as well as other devastating material fallout that went across the continents! This true epic tale of old repeated over many 1,000’s of years from parent to child until it is a myth of old and swallowed up into a belief of a godly intervention due to the sins of man when in fact this is a real event that happened around 10,800 BC, yep… there is that date again!! 10,800 BC or 12,800 years before today! That date in our recent human history just keeps showing up like a bad itch!

Our Saviour The Internet!

Today we have the internet, the world wide web of knowledge and so mush of it is free!

It is due to the incredible devotion of a small number of individuals with the use of the internet with Websites and Youtube and of course modern printing material that has already fixed one of academia biggest ‘mistakes’, that being the Younger Drya’s impact of 12,800BP (Before Present).

Yes it did happen and thanks to younger scientist willing to defy their peers, even with threats of being banned from their professional bodies, that have found the irrefutable evidence of such a cataclysmic meteorite impact event in our very near past dated at around 10,800 BC.

The work is not yet done, the oldies remain as seniors and heads of archaeological and historical institutions, their ‘story’ books are still on sale and their incorrect conclusions are still taught to our children in schools and Universities.

Just Like Göbekli Tepe we, as a modern open minded civilisation, are revisiting these ancient sites, we are starting to dig to find the truth and just like Göbekli Tepe I am sure what we will uncover will truly be a wonder to be told and taught for generations to come!


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