The Younger Dryas Impact, 10,800 BC

Our planet is full of archaeological anomalies that our knowledgeable academia can not explain, in fact disturbingly, they deny or even sabotage archaeologist, geologist, and many other types of ist’s findings and conclusions because they do not fit in with acceptable teachings!

But! you are reading this blog at exactly the perfect time as one of the biggest global events that occurred on this earth during human times has only recently been officially accepted as happening. An event that changed the course of Human civilisation, an event that in fact left human civilisation teetering on the brink of extinction! Sadly many wondrous mammals that existed then were totally and immediately wiped from the face of the earth.

Yet again the earth was struck from above by a huge meteorite causing a global cataclysm, mass extinctions, destroying complete nations of humans from North and South America and possibly affecting every continent and every human around the world, leaving a bedraggled desperate human race on a road to survival and recovery.

This part of the earths history, this part of ‘your’ human history is not in the history books, you will not see it in the museums because only now has the stubborn pig headed professors of our acceptable knowledge now accepted this event did occur, but… they still stubbornly dispute the impact this event had on human civilisation, they still dispute the Lost Ancient Civilisations that have been lost and forgotten, like the Covice people, the original natives of the Americas.

BP is years Before Present, so 12,800 BP years from today. in BC term this is 10,800 BC

15 Minute overview presented by Matt of Ancient Architects YT channel

1 Hour deeper dive based on more recent work by experts and gives a a differing opinion of events, yet still Cataclysmic! Presented by Ben of Uncharted X YT channel

Short 7 minute Introduction

The below video describes some of the great beasts that were made immediately extinct due to this impact along with the Clovis Civilisation! The Lecturer does well for 2016 BUT….. lacks the knowledge of the now accepted Younger Dryas Impact so take that into account when watching this video, the poor Clovis Civilisation that met such a horrifying end once again get the blame, they died along with the great beasts!


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