Verify An XRP Ledger Transaction

Verifying transactions directly on the XRP Ledger is not normally necessary but if you experience an issue with a slow, missing or inaccurate XRP movement you can view the XRP Charts to check if it was successful and to the amount expected

Your Exchange/Wallet should provide you with a Blockchain Reference ID and from this you can look up this reference for the complete transaction code!

Below is a sample transaction, notice the ridiculously low Block Chain Fee!

The transaction details also provide the Blockchain link, with this particular Exchange you can select the link to go directly to the transaction.

In this instance when selecting the link a new tabs opens displaying the XRP Charts as seen below, and no the remaining balance is not mine ,unfortunately, but the balance of the XRP Pool Wallet belonging to the exchange! 🙂

If you need to search manually and you have the Blockchain reference then click XRP Charts link below and enter the Blockchain reference into the search box and select GO to display the transaction code.

Do not stare at the transactions flying past to long, extended viewing can send you into a trance, JOKE! 🙂

Whilst you are here at the XRP Charts check out the tabs for some great information on the XRP Ledger Protocol such as the DECENTRALISED Network Topology shown below, as of the Date and time shown.