Create A Desktop Toast Wallet

This Tutorial is best viewed using Chrome Browser, partly as Coil only works with Chrome for now 🙂 but mainly for some reason Edge and IE and playing up! 🙁

The Toast Wallet is a very highly recommended tried, tested and importantly trusted XRP Wallet within the XRP community. It is free to download and use! They do however appreciate Donations to fund the Toast Wallet development.

If you install the Toast Wallet to your PC or Mobile your XRP is considered to be ONLINE and susceptible to a system crash or PC/Mobile hack (the fault of the PC or Mobile not Toast Wallet), although I have never heard of one as yet.

Alternatively and as a cheaper option to Hardware Offline Wallets such as Ledger Nano, you can create a USB Encrypted Drive Toast Wallet, once the USB is removed from your device and stored safely your XRP is now OFFLINE the safest way to hold your XRP. Insert your USB Drive and login and your XRP is back online! A Benefit to this cheaper method is you can purchase multiple USB drives for the price of a single Ledger Nano and then distribute them around to avoid a faulty USB drive or earthquake :-), if you want to do this with a hardware version the costs will mount quickly. Please see the USB Encrypted Drive Toast Wallet tutorial as recommended alternative to this PC/Mobile method explained below.

1: We will run through this installation for Windows 10 but please follow the usual steps for installing apps on your O/S.

Select this link Download Toast Wallet to open the Toast Wallet Download page and select Windows (appx) from the Windows (appx) selections.

The download options are now displayed as shown on the right, now select the your Windows version, do not select the Portable Executable!

2: A download progress link is displayed in the bottom right of the browser window, this file is usually saved to your Downloads folder.

Once download has completed select the arrow icon and select Open to run the installation

3: The Toast Wallet install screen appears, leave launch when ready selected and select Install

4: Installation screen now shows installation progress bar

From this point the installation is exactly the same as for the USB Toast Wallet so please select the USB Toast Wallet link to jump over to the USB Toast Wallet tutorial and proceed from Step 12 to step 24 only! To complete this tutorial and come back here once done.

Before you start sending your beloved XRP to this Desktop Toast Wallet I recommend logging out and and in again to your Toast Wallet account just in case there has been a mishap in any of the steps, once you are back into your ‘not activated’ account and you have safely and securely stored passwords, pins, passphrases and your backup is stored safely and securely it’s time to activate the wallet account, I would suggest sending 21 XRP and check it has made it to your wallet.

** If you are not familiar with Transferring XRP then watch the Transferring XRP tutorial.

Disclaimer: I have provided guidance instructions as to what I have created myself and you take full responsibility for your own Digital Asset/Crpto and what you do with it.

Check check and check again you are completely confident before you commit your Digital Asset/Crpto to any external Wallet!