Join The Web-Monetised Coil Economy

I did not want to put cheesy useless annoying popup adds all over this website and why would I when there is a technologically better funding method that was built into the Internet from its conception but no company has ever had the technology to enable it, until now!

If the shoe fits then wear it, XRP and the Interledger Protocol is the perfect technology to enable Internet Micro payments for the Web-Monetised Economy, the internet has been waiting a long time for the right technology, it is here now and it is XRP! The Coil Economy also currently utilises the XRP Tip Bot as a destination for the content providers donations from Coil, these are displayed in the ILP/Coil Deposits.

Micro payments is a method to pay content providers for their Web sites, Twitch or YouTube Channels, if the content creator has spent time, effort and cost to provide good content then most people would agree they should be rewarded. Coil will reward that content provider with XRP, the length of time you stay tuned does not cost you any more! Coil covers the total donation for the time you spend staying tuned so your time only dictates how much Coil donates! As the WM Economy grows the community will look forward to more features to be developed to cater for all Web-Monetised requirements, such as monthly subscriptions, pay to enter site, pay per page, pay per download etc.

During these early days Coil features are currently only available on Firefox, mobile chrome/firefox and Google Chrome where a Chrome Extension is required, a link to the chrome extension will be available from your Coil account. The Coil Donations to the content provider are only created once you receive an invitation code and subscribe to a flat fee monthly subscription and using Google Chrome with the extension installed.

Good content means you stay tuned longer and the content creators reward/donation is greater. Its a Win-Win! Add Free!

What would you prefer? Spending your precious time closing popup adds and trying to find what you are looking hidden within a sea of ugly pointless cheesy adds or be a pioneer in the new Internet revolution and join the Web-Monetised Economy for a small flat rate monthly fee.

There are 2 parts to consider when using Coil technology

  • Are you a Content Provider looking for better funding from your content, and would you prefer your content to look clean and crisp without these ugly popup adds?
  • Would you rather spend your precious minutes wading through a sea of adds to enjoy the content the site is providing or signup with a small flat rate monthly fee and enjoy the site content without interruption and distraction? If you are thinking why would you pay a fee for web content when you can watch it now and it costs you nothing, well that’s incorrect as you are paying with your precious time!

At the bottom of this page you will find the link to the Coil Website but first I will show how I Web-Monetised this site and how I am rewarding other Web-Monitised websites by signing up for a mall monthly fee to thank them for their content and to help them stay online.

This is a Pioneering technology in its early days and the variety of web sites currently part of this Economy is small but growing, that’s what part of being a Pioneer is about! 🙂

How I Signed up to Coil to Web-Monetise and receive Coil Donations.

Visit XRP Tip Bot and create an account (if you don’t already have one) using your Twitter, reddit or Discord account

Visit to sign up and provide payment card details.

From XRP Tip Bot menu select Desposit and select ILP then copy your ILP payment pointer address. Now login to Coil and from the Dashboard select Web-Monetize Content and enter your payment pointer.

Once your Payment Pointer has been recognised a box containing some <script> is displayed, copy this script and following the Coil instructions to upload to your website to be Web-Monetised activated. From here you also have a link to install the Coil Chrome Browser add on, it is the add on that reports your activity on Web-Monetised sites to Coil that then passes the XRP payment through the ILP to the website authors XRP Tip Bot

When you have received your invitation code log into Coil and from the Dashboard enter the invitation code.

Subscribe to a flat monthly fee, currently $5 at writing.

Now you can start exploring Web-Monetised sites, Coil will Donate XRP to that site, also you will now recieve XRP to your XRP Tip Bot if you have activated your website with the steps above.

To find Web-Monetised sites from your Coil Dashboard select Explore Content

Or Select this link
Web-Monetised Economy growing website list

Or go to the goCoilme website

Enjoy and Happy Donating or/and Receiving XRP through Coil, XRP ILP and the xRP Tip Bot!