Transferring XRP

This Tutorial is best viewed using Chrome Browser, partly as Coil only works with Chrome for now 🙂 but mainly for some reason Edge and IE and playing up! 🙁

For this tutorial I have created an account with Wirex Exchange and purchased 31XRP. Previously in the USB Toast Wallet Tutorial I have already created a USB Toast Wallet which is currently Not Active as no XRP has been sent to it as yet. I will now transfer 21XRP to the USB Toast Wallet to activate it and take this 21XRP Offline for safe keeping!

Just to confirm the toast wallet is Not Active

Using a Wirex test account I have already purchased 31XRP for this tutorial of which I will be sending 21XRP

From the Wirex Dashboard I can send from any of the available Crypto, if I had any.

I Click on the Ripple tile, hopefully they will correct this to XRP soon, very annoying!

The screen now displays the accounts XRP Public Address for this Wirex wallet, and a Tag, the Tag is required when sending XRP to this Wirex account only, most exchanges use the same procedure to receive XRP.

Here I can Send Funds, I will use this to send (transfer) XRP to the USB Toast Wallet

I can also Add Funds (Purchase XRP)

Also Exchange funds, I can Exchange XRP to another Crypto on Wirex (Why would I do this?:-)) or Exchange to Currency (Fiat) to then cash out later if needed

I select Send Funds from this account

I need to jump over to my Toast Wallet and get the Public Address that I will be sending the 21XRP too, When the toast wallets opens my account name and not actived is displayed as shown at the start of this tutorial, now when I click the account name the screen to the right is shown I can see the Public Address with the little Copy Icon, Click the Copy Icon and the address will be highlighted to confirm it has been copied.

Now jumping back into Wirex I paste the copied Toast Wallet address into the Send to field, as the Toast Wallet is owned my me and sits directly on the XRP Ledger I do not need a Tag so I will leave this blank.

As this is the first time I am sending XRP to the USB Toast Wallet Address from Wirex I can give it a Label, then in future when sending to the same toast wallet I can just select the List icon in the Send to field and select the given Label and it will auto fill the Public address, use with caution!

In the amount field I enter the XRP to be sent, I am sending 21XRP

I can leave a message for someone or myself about this transfer.

Now select Send funds

The Wirex screen now displays a summary of the transfer

The summary also displays the ridiculously cheap Blockchain fee! This is the cost of sending the transfer over the XRP Ledger, this will be deducted from my balance and added to the 21XRP that I am sending to activate the USB toast Wallet

I now select Confirm

As a layer of security Wirexapp will set the send request to Pending and send me an Email to authorise the transfer

If I wanted to check the Recent Events now I can see the request is Pending the response from the EMail.

The EMail will contain all the details of the request just in case in was not made by me!

I select confirm and as Wirex is still open I jump back to the next screen.

As I selected confirm in the email within the 1hr period of sending the EMail my Wirex now displays this message.

I select Back to Dashboard

Once back at the Dashboard I check the Recent Events and select the Send Funds request for 21.000045XP as it includes the Blockchain fee.

The request states Successful as I have already confirmed the request via the authorisation EMail.

I can see the Blockchain hyper Link, this is the record of the transaction permanently and forever written onto the XRP Ledger

You would not normally need to check this unless something has gone wrong with your transfer, say the 21XRP was not deposited into my USB Toast Wallet

I selected the Blockchain Link and a new browser tab opens displaying the XRP Charts.

I can see the code (record) of my Successful transfer

Within a few seconds I jump over to my USB Toast Wallet and it will refresh and now show 21XRP is in my wallet account, where it once said Not activated it now reports the current value of the 21XRP in $USD only.

I can now Eject my USB Toast Wallet and store if some where safe!

As the Toast Wallet is on the USB and the USB has been removed it is impossible for anyone to hack my PC to gain access to my Toast Wallet and steal my 21XRP, my XRP is therefore Offline!

Only if someone has access to your Toast Wallet Backup data and Passphrase or 6 word recovery phrase can they get access by creating a fake Toast Wallet account.