Create an Encrypted USB Drive with Toast Wallet to keep your XRP offline and secure!

USB, SD card or micro sd card

Choose an encrypted or standard drive, easy to hide, cheap to make multiple copies to distribute to family members


Tried and tested easy to use XRPL wallet, free (Donate) and secure



AES level secure encryption, free with Windows 10 Pro

There are devices to keep your XRP offline such as the Ledger Nano S or new style X, they contain stronger security to keep your XRP offline and safe but still create a single point of compromise or problems if they are lost or broken! With a cheaper Encrypted USB Drive you can purchase 3 Encrypted USB Drives for the same price, you hold one then distribute the other(s) USB drives to trusted family members.Each of the USB Devices described below can have access to the same XRP address like 3 keys to the same safe, or you can split the XRP across multiple unique USB drives in case the passwords are compromised and one safe is broken open, the other USB Drives (safes) untouched.Alternatively, if you are satisfied with the security level provided by Microsoft Bitlocker Encryption then you can use a cheaper standard USB Drive, an SD Card or even a Micro SD for easy hiding, its your choice!

*For experienced users of Toast Wallet and Encrypted USB Drives above is a downloadable quick summary

Lets get started!
Go full screen and stop the video when required.

USB or SD card

Purchase your desired device and if encryption is embeded follow the device instructions to set it up

Sample Encrypted USB drive


Enable BitLocker for a standard device or for a 2nd level of security on your embeded crypto device setup BitLocker as well!

Install Toast Wallet

Install portable Toast Wallet 

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Enable your new wallet

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Send XRP from your toast wallet

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Recieve XRP to your new wallet

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    Downloading and saving the Toast Wallet application to your USB Drive

    9: We will run through this installation for Windows 10, please follow the steps for installing apps on your O/S.

    Select this link Download Toast Wallet to open the Toast Wallet Download page and select Portable Executable from the Windows (appx) selections.

    10: A download progress link is displayed in the bottom right of your browser window, this file is usually saved to your Downloads folder. When the file download has completed right click the file selector and choose Show in folder

    11: Find the file in the displayed folder, copy and paste into your USB drive and you should have as below

    12: Double click the Toast Wallet installation file and the below application window will open displaying the Toast Wallet License Agreement

    13: Read the license information, and scroll to the bottom and select Create A New Wallet

    14: A message will state Create a 6 Digit Input Pin, enter a 6 digit pin and store safely, you will be requested to enter again for confirmation

    15: Create a Passphrase and store safely, enter this passphrase and repeat for confirmation.

    This passphrase is used to create a 3rd layer of encryption, also every time you need to send XRP from this wallet you will be asked to enter this passphrase, it should be long and strong and never share with anyone! A 20 letter passphrase is recommended! Now select Set Passphrase

    A popup stating New Passphrase has been set, now select OK

    16: The screen is critically IMPORTANT follow its steps exactly!

    The Recovery phrase is a 6 word recovery phrase, you must record these 6 words securely and safely!

    If you loose the passphrase created above you will need the 6 word recovery phrase and the data backup which is explained later.

    Read and confirm the 2 statements and if you have complied then select the 2 statement sliders and proceed.

    17: A donation page is displayed and you can donate now or at a later time.

    18: An empty Wallet is now displayed, select the Plus icon to create a new account within this wallet

    19: Select Generate A New Address

    20: The new account automatically displays the Public Account Address (Public Key), now create a Nickname for the account and enter the passphrase you created in step 15

    Before continuing understand that every new Wallet address requires a 20 XRP reserve before it can be activated and used! for example if you send your first 30 XRP to any new address 20 XRP will be held permanently, although this is determined by the XRP network and can be changed at some later stage and if decreased will free the respective amount of XRP, this 20 XRP deposit is implemented to stop spammers creating thousands of wallets if they were free and causing havoc on the network.

    Now select Import this Address and the Public and Private addresses are applied to this new account. Select OK on the next popup

    21: Now your Wallet is ready to receive its first XRP its a perfect time to create a Toast Wallet backup

    Select Create a Backup Now if not already displayed

    22: The screen now displays the backup information, it is acceptable to Copy (select copy) this ascii text and paste into a notepad type file onto the same USB drive as the Toast Wallet application as long as the passphrase and recovery keys are not stored on the same drive!

    You could print the encrypted ascii text backup but manually typing this in when needed would be a pain as well as no doubt typos may creep in.

    23: Select the Home icon and the screen now displays the account nickname (your chosen nickname) along with not activated.

    24: Selecting the account will open the Account details screen shown, the copy icon to the right of the address will copy the address to memory where it can be easily pasted into the senders SEND TO address box when sending from the Exchange or other senders wallet.

    As you own the Wallet you own the Private address key which can be seen by selecting the Show Secret button, when sending to the Toast Wallet you do not need a Tag code.

    Note: when sending from your Toast Wallet to an Exchange to sell, as they own the Private key (effectively owning the XRP!) you MUST provide a Tag if told to do so by your Exchange. If you should have added a Tag and you mistype or forgot to add the Tag you may almost certainly loose the XRP that was sent!

    Before you start sending your beloved XRP to this new Encrypted USB drive Toast Wallet I recommend ejecting the USB drive and start from beginning to get in to your Toast Wallet account just in case there has been a mishap in any of the steps above, once you are back into your ‘not activated’ account and you have safely and securely stored passwords, pins, passphrases for the embedded USB encryption (if used), Bitlocker (if used) and Toast Wallet and your backup is stored safely and securely it’s time to activate the wallet account, I would suggest sending 21 XRP and check it has made it to your wallet.

    ** If you are not familiar with Transferring XRP then watch the Transferring XRP tutorial.

    Once you have sent XRP, from whatever source, in just a few seconds, the account will refresh and display your XRP is now being held in your Toast wallet. If you now lock (for embedded Encrypted USB only) and eject this USB drive your XRP is OFFLINE!

    DO NOT give your passphrase or 6 recovery words or data backup to anybody for support or assistance as they can create a copy of your Toast Wallet and steal all your XRP!

    Now to eliminate the single point of failure you would get with a single expensive other hardware Wallet you can purchase a second cheap USB encrypted Drive, or not encrypted your choice, and repeat the process but at step 18 of creating a Toast Wallet instead of selecting Create a new Wallet you will select Restore an existing Wallet. Follow the instructions to upload the Backup data (which you safely and securely stored on the first drive, you could put a copy onto your desktop for a moment only if you can not access 2 USB drives at the same time, immediately delete afterwards) and enter the passphrase and within seconds you have a mirrored USB Toast Wallet giving access to the same XRP as the first one you created. Now bury this in concrete at the back of the garden, or maybe more sensibly a secret hiding place easy to get to.

    Why not create 3 USB drives, keep one, hide one close by and give a third to a loved one on the event of your demise, maybe give the USB drive to a loved one and a copy of the passwords and passphrase to a different family member, if they collude and steal then choose a better family! 🙂

    Lastly if you have some one you trust with your fortune just give them the passphrase and copy of the Data backup and tell them to create their own Restore!

    Disclaimer: I have provided guidance instructions as to what I have created myself and you take full responsibility for your own Digital Asset/Crpto and what you do with it.

    Check check and check again you are completely confident before you commit your Digital Asset/Crpto to any external Wallet!

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